Tibetan Relaxation

Tibetan Relaxation: Illustrated Guide to Kum Nye Massage and movement, by Tarthang Tulku. A yoga from the Tibetan tradition-effective techniques for refreshing and revitalizing body and mind. It is a one-volume illustrated presentation of some of the Kum Nye teachings, published in 2005 in cooperation with Duncan Baird Publishers, a company in the UK. It is a collection of roughly hundred exercises on massage, movement, and vitalizing energy.

Author: Tarthang Tulku

Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga) promotes emotional and physical well-being through 3 strands of discipline: Sitting Exercises and Breathing Techniques to restore vitality; Self-Massage Techniques and Movement Exercises to release blockages; and Stretching Exercises, all of which induce a deep and healing relaxation.

ISBN 978-1-84483-404-4
144 pp

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