Support the Reprinting of Dharma Publishing Books

Dharma Publishing plans to reprint several of its classic titles by Tarthang Tulku and other Tibetan masters, and we need your help to do it! Your tax-deductible contribution to our reprinting project will go towards the purchase of paper and ink needed for the books. In turn, your support continues the preservation of Tibetan Buddhist knowledge and practice in the West. We would appreciate any amount you are able to donate. 

Titles Include:

Kum Nye - Tibetan Yoga

Skillful Means - Patterns for Success

Mastering Successful Work

Gesture of Balance

Ways of Enlightenment

Kindly Bent to Ease Us Part II

Kindly Bent to Ease Us Part III

Buddha's Lions

Crystal Mirror 1-3 - Footsteps on the Diamond Path


Psycho-cosmic Symbolism of the Buddhist Stupa

Legend of the Great Stupa

Hero of the Land of Snow


If you would like to sponsor the full print run of a particular book, please contact us at

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