Report on 28th Annual World Peace Ceremony 1989-2017 sMon-lam Chen-mo

For the first time, this 28th annual report is available to a few of our regular supporters.  We think you are one of them!  This book may be of great interest to you because throughout the first 100 pages Rinpoche describes his early years in Tibet, in the province of Golog.  Albeit, it is a very small version of the large story, which may be released at some time in the future.  In these pages you may especially like the description of Rinpoche's main teachers, such as: mChog-sprul Rinpoche, Zhe-chen dKong-sprul, Zhe-chen Rab-'byams, A-'gyur Rinpoche, and 'Jam-dbyangs mKhyen-brtse Chos-kyi Blo-gros. 

Rinpoche writes, "Here is my experience, look with me into my memory and meet these unforgettable heroes, my masters, these great upholders and transmitters of our shared faith."  Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche also writes, "In all Tibet, time was precious; ceremonies mattered, the Dharma was alive, lived.  Every gesture played a part; every gesture was a teaching.  This is why we must not forget our history.  In turn we have to be their evidence, the living proof that they once existed." 

This beautifully published book includes the simplified Transmission Lineages of Teachings received by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche.  Furthermore, this annual DebTher includes 140 colored plates of the annual ceremony in Bodh Gaya. There are 45 pages covering the book production process at Yeshe De.  Finally, there is an overview of all the offerings made during the past twenty-eight years made by Rinpoche to the annual sMon-lam World Peace Ceremony, plus 230 pages of Tibetan text. 

We are confident that this heart-warming and inspirational book of 540 pages will deeply inspire you, possibly refreshing your commitments to this life.  The DebThers are always freely given to the Tibetan communities in exile, but Rinpoche has made 50 copies available for people like yourself.  May we ask you for a minimum donation of $45 per book plus shipping costs?  The book is heavy and weighs 3.5 pounds.  It is a treasure well worth while!  

We hope you enjoy reading about the early years of Rinpoche's life in Tibet!

P.S. All proceeds directly benefit the Yeshe De text preservation project.  This year we are shipping twenty one 40-foot containers to Bodh Gaya - with the expenses for paper alone at $275,000, a good part of which has not been paid yet. Your donations help, and are greatly appreciated!

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