Padmasambhava Statue Project -

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche has authorized us to build a statue of a standing Padmasambhava that when completed, will stand 8 meters tall (27 feet).  Constructing the statue is a monumental endeavor for all of us here in the Nyingma community.

The initial stages of the project have started. Scaled up 14 times from the original using 3d scanning technology, we are now constructing the internal welded steel armature on which to build a wood sub-structure to support approximately 12 -14 tons (24,000 – 28,000 lbs.) of clay. The lead sculptor will be Andis Egle and we hope to have a crew of at least four people for up to one year to complete the sculpting. Afterward, our own foundry will turn the statue into bronze.

The first stage of building the armature, which is done by professionals, and the purchase of clay will cost approximately $18,000.  The sculpting will be done by an all-volunteer crew who will receive room and board at Ratna Ling.  This is not much money to start such a grandiose project.  We kindly ask you to help with the financing. With your involvement, in the process, you become a part of Padmasambhava.

“For those to come who still not have met me,
my image will light up the night of ignorance.”

“Whoever loves and reveres the statue will have his desires fulfilled as if by a pile of riches and will be happy without fluctuation or change.”

- From the Life and Liberations of Padmasambhava – Canto 100

We, at Dharma Publishing, are keeping a video/audio log as we are progressing.  We are happy to share with you as we go along this treasure-path.

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Vendor: Dharma Publishing

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