Manjushri Namasamgiti - Limited Ed. Prayer Book

Manjushri Namasamgiti is the chant that Rinpoche decided to use at the dedication ceremony for Swayambu Stupa, which was recently restored. Swayambu is the stupa that Manjushri found when he was looking for Amitabha, who is the formless Buddha. When Manjushri asked for Amitabha to show itself, Swayambu, the self arisen stupa, appeared in the middle of a lake.  Rinpoche has made a commitment to spread this chant, which has been chanted 20 million times since he reintroduced it back in 1989.

Chanting Namasamgiti is an excellent way to clear obstacles and accumulate merit. You can chant it once per month, on the 10th of the lunar month, which is Padmasambhava day on the Tibetan calendar. You can also chant it on full moon or new moon days - the important thing is to tell yourself when you are going to do it - and then do it.

We have decided to make available the limited number of copies of the book remaining to help fund the printing of the books used for the ceremony. Your purchase of the text and accompanying CD or download will help defray the costs of printing and distributing this important text.

Category: In Tibetan

Type: Book - Tibetan

Vendor: Dharma Publishing

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