Making Things Better CD 5: Awareness of Time

This Skillful Means module presents how you can take care of your self while you work and how you can help to improve the activities of the team and organization that you work for.

Inner balance and developing the inner, personal resources will prevent unnecessary suffering and burn-out and will provide the insights and inner strength to pursue what is important. Skillful Means provides the ingredients for a successful team, which can be developed and refined at the workplace.

This set of ten Audio CDs represents a complete training module that the Center for Skillful Means presents to businesses and organizations of various kinds. It can also be practiced individually to provide a solid training for making work more enjoyable and effective.

The essence of Skillful Means is human flourishing. Focused awareness is the master key to every higher level of achievement. It gives us the power to act on what has value and to create the discipline and structure that support accomplishment. And, with time on our side, everyone can be a hero.


- Levels of awareness
- How to stimulate intelligence
- Connect intelligence with time
- The nature, value, and energy of time
- Transforming shortage of time, wasting time and ignoring the power of time


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