Comprehensive Training Level 1 – Vibrant Aliveness

We are happy to announce the Kum Nye Comprehensive Training - Level 1 for anyone in the world interested in setting up a developmental practice or deepening their study of these inspiring and effective teachings. At first Kum Nye will be stress reducing, but gradually as the body, mind and senses come to live an inner calmness will set in that awakens the world of feeling and new knowing. Vibrant aliveness with an undercurrent of joy under all circumstances will be cultivated. With vibrant aliveness your body of knowledge will be awakened. This material does not lead to becoming an authorized Kum Nye teacher, but certainly enables you to embody Kum Nye and become an effective Kum Nye practice group leader.

The nine supplemental articles included with the training are:

Expanding Feeling from Gesture of Balance

Opening to Feeling from Openness Mind

Body Breath and Mind from Gesture of Balance

Embodying Kum Nye from Joy of Being

Kum Nye is Life from Joy of Being

Three Levels of Relaxation from Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga

Energy Charts from Mastering Successful Work

Power of Breath from Hidden Mind of Freedom

Alertness in Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga

*Please note: Upon purchase all files will be delivered electronically.

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