Knowledge of Time and Space

Knowledge of Time and Space by Tarthang Tulku celebrates the power of time and space to free us from limitations. At times light and dancing, at times deep and provocative, the text communicates the pleasure of unbounded inquiry. Like an ever fresh work of art, it reveals new facets of a unified vision, inviting the reader to join in a voyage of discovery.

Elegant and luminous, Knowledge of Time and Space offers the chance for active participation in creation. Organized into more than a hundred short chapters that at times read like aphorisms, it offers countless starting points for inquiry, never insisting but always allowing. The presentation follows no ordinary logic; instead, the reader is swept up in an adventure that takes form only in the course of unfolding. In contrast to the more rigorous presentation of Love of Knowledge and the focused exposition found in Time, Space, and Knowledge, this work displays the flashing, penetrating presence of knowledge as it operates throughout time and space.

ISBN 978-0-89800-206-5
550 pp



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