Green Tara - Poster

Green Tara

Om Tare Tutare Ture Soha

"Green Tara, born from a tear shed by the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara upon viewing the suffering of living beings, extends compassion and mercy throughout the ten directions and the six realms of existence. 

The special protectress of Tibet, a Green Tara manifests in many forms to fulfill the needs of all beings. Within the darkness of unknowing, she is a radiant lamp. At the time of death, she is an honored companion, and, in the womb of rebirth, a comforting cave of light. For an untutored child, she is a spiritual friend. Amid obstacles in meditation, she is a matchless guide to realization. 

Surrounded by her eight principle emanations, Green Tara is seated on a lotus, ever ready to descend to aid living beings. In each hand she holds a lotus, emblem of compassion. Her right hand offers mercy to those in need. Below, mounted on her mule, is the protectress Lhamo." -sacred art card back description

Size is approximate, please call us or wait until receiving your poster before buying any frames. Thanks!


  • 18.8" × 25.2″

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