eKum Nye: 50 Short Videos

with Arnaud Maitland

Enhance your Kum Nye practice with this set of short videos, originally designed to help students understand the theory and structure of Dharma Publishing's eKum Nye program. This DVD, which includes special introductions for each level of the online program, can be used in conjunction with eKum Nye or as inspiration for your personal practice. eKum Nye gives students a structure in which to explore material offered to the West by Tarthang Tulku. Since 2006, hundreds of practitioners from around the world have taken the course to cultivate a meditative discipline.
Each of the five eKum Nye levels has 10 lessons. In the Level 1 videos, we learn the basics of Kum Nye: stillness of the body, opening to feelings and sensations, and beginning to work with the breath. In Level 2, we engage the theory of the four energy centers as a way to stimulate and transform the body's energy. Level 3 begins to explore the idea of "inner Kum Nye". You will hear suggestions for deepening your practice and integrating your experience. In the Level 4 videos, we learn to deeply relax the mind and senses and contact the essence of Kum Nye practice. Level 5 videos give us the theory behind "Nye" exploring the five senses and the five elements as doorways to the joy of being.
Arnaud Maitland is a senior student of Tarthang Tulku since 1976 and senior Kum Nye instructor. An international lecturer, retreat leader, Nyingma teacher, meditation instructor and Skillful Means consultant, Arnaud Maitland brings the ancient teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist Nyingma lineage into the mainstream of contemporary culture and life.



Filmed on location at Ratna Ling Retreat Center, Cazadero, California
Region 1, 2 
Language: English

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