A Stupa Restoration for Tarthang Tulku's long life.

Dear friend,

We hope you are well when you read this message.

As you may know, we have an active sacred art department. Andi, our resident sculptor, sculpts full time making Buddhas and stupas. Just recently he worked closely with Rinpoche to complete a very sweet statue of Vairocana.

We hesitate to ask for financial support for these projects although in the Dharma tradition it is considered meritorious to help in any way one can.

In 2007 a seven-meter tall stupa (23 ft) was built dedicated to the longevity of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche. It is an unusual gesture as stupas are usually made after the teacher has deceased. We hope that the sacred form and shape, the empowerments, and the daily short ceremonies performed will generate energy to support the long life for Rinpoche and his projects.

We are in the final stages of restoring this stupa. Making it waterproof and repairing the gold-leaf. In the Tibetan tradition, gold is considered the highest substance, further empowering the shape, contents, and ceremonies of the stupa.

May we invite your help with this project?

The following donation amounts will sponsor for the following.

$25  pays for 1 packet of Gold leaf

$108 pays for 4 packets of Gold leaf

$1080 pays for 2 boxes of Gold leaf

If you can help, it will be a great relief for us at Dharma Publishing.

On the one hand, a total of $6500 Dollars is a substantial amount of money. On the other hand, the ‘new’ stupa may last  20 to 30 years at least. A time when quite a few of us will not be around anymore. If you like to sponsor and make a donation, please click on the add to cart button below


We and the people, who come after us will be grateful.

Long Life!!

Arnaud Maitland

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