Amitabha - Sacred Art Card


Om Namo Amitabhabuddhaya

"Seated on a multi-colored lotus throne, Amitabha, also known as Amida, is the Buddha of Boundless Light. He resides in the celestial paradise of Sukhavati, a realm of unparalleled good fortune and bliss. Beings who generate faith in Amitabha are assured of rebirth in his realm, where the path to enlightenment is unobstructed and realization arises spontaneously.

Rich red in color, he sits in a full-lotus position with his hands forming the meditation gesture and holding a begging bowl.

To his left and right are Bodhisattvas, great beings who have generated the thought of enlightenment and dedicated themselves to strive for the enlightenment of others. Above are three Buddhas and below are monks following the Buddha's teachings and practices. All are enjoying the luminous presence of the compassionate Buddha Amitabha." -back description


  • 5" × 7″

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