Arnaud Maitland

Arnaud Maitland is a senior student of Tarthang Tulku since 1976. An international lecturer, retreat leader, Nyingma teacher, meditation instructor and Skillful Means consultant, Arnaud Maitland brings the ancient teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist Nyingma lineage into the mainstream of contemporary culture and life. He leads groups and individuals in discovering that we already possess the knowledge to create a meaningful, successful and happy life.

Arnaud is the Director of Dharma Publishing and Managing Director of the Center for Skillful Means. Prior to these positions, he was the president of Dharma Enterprises, a for-profit publishing company that raised millions of dollars to support the building of the Odiyan Retreat Center. He has been a part of the Tibetan Nyingma Meditation Center organizations for over 35 years, running centers in Boulder, Colorado and Berkeley, California, as well as leading retreats in locations around the world, including Argentina, Germany, Holland, Latvia, United Kingdom, and United States.

In consulting through the Center for Skillful Means, he has worked with large and small companies around the world. He has also worked with individuals from a wide range of fields, in particular psychologists, lawyers, architects, artists and other creative professions. 

He has clients and students who have been with him for over 20 years, and new students are attracted to his clear and caring style of teaching and leading workshops. 

His formal Western education includes both a Law Degree from the Vrije University of Amsterdam and a MA Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy & Psychology from the Nyingma Institute.

Arnaud Maitland shares his knowledge in individual and group instructions, webinars, and retreats as well as books, on-line coaching and CDs.

He has written two books; the first, MasterWork – Mastering Time describes his years applying Skillful Means practices to the running of a for-profit printing business.  Living without Regret – Human experience in light of Tibetan Buddhism. His second book describes how to apply Dharma in daily life, told in relation to how his family worked through dealing with Alzheimer's. 

For the last eight years, he has given retreats in US, UK, and Argentina. The topics of some of these seminars are listed here:

August 2012, Holland: Sacred Knowledge in Motion - Kum Nye Dancing (Participants from 5 countries)
August 2012, France: Death and Dying: How to Make the Most out of Life
July 2012, United States: Sacred Knowledge in Motion - Kum Nye Dancing, Skillful Means, Questioning Mind, Pranidanaraja 
May 2012, Holland and Germany: Kum Nye Dancing, Living Without Regret
March 2012, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rio de Janiero, Brazil:  Relationships: Relating better to the Real You; Kum Nye Dancing

November 2011, United States: Kum Nye Dancing, Padmasambhava and 25 Disciples
August 2011, United Kingdom: Kum Nye Dancing
July 2011, United States: Kum Nye Dancing, Padmasambhava Comes to Tibet, Prayer to Kuntu Zhangpo
May 2011, United States: Living without Regret
March 2011, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

December 2010, United States: One month Questioning Mind Intensive
November 2010, United States: Developing Questioning Mind through Inner Knowing
July 2010, United States: The Kum Nye Matrix - Kum Nye Teacher's Training
Apr - Oct 2010, United States: Six Month Kum Nye Teacher's Training
February 2010, United Kingdom:  Kum Nye workshop; Questioning Mind workshop
March - June 2010, US/UK: Questioning Mind seminar series (teleconference)