Training the Mind for Leadership

In Skillful Means, mind is defined as one's response to being alive – it is what determines the direction and quality of our accomplishment in life. This compilation of recorded webinars covers 11 topics, each exploring a different kind of "mind" that supports the development of effective inner leadership. Beginning with Flourishing Mind, and featuring an extended 5 part treatment of Timing Mind, this series provides theory and practices to develop the inner resources for becoming a skilled leader of your life. Working through the material contained in these recordings, which represent Skillful Means Level 2, will prepare you for Level 3 of Skillful Means: Blueprints for Success.
Sessions are lead by Arnaud Maitland, Director of the Center for Skillful Means and Managing Director of Dharma Publishing International, who draws on decades of experience with Skillful Means teachings and renders them in a relevant, accessible way for today's modern worker.


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