Vajrapani - Giclee

Bodhisattva Vajrapani

Om Vajrapani Hum

Powerful protector of the Mahayana teachings, Vajrapani steps strongly to the right, holding a vajra in his right hand. Every aspect of his appearance indicates the intensity of his energy and his power to subdue demonic influences. 

His dark blue form is adorned with golden ornaments and encircled by red, green, and blue snakes. Flames stream from his body, and small green snakes wind through the upward-reaching mass of his hair. A tiger skin covering his loins is secured by a large snake wrapped and knotted around his hips.

Above, the Buddha, supporting a vajra in his left hand, is seated in the earth-touching gesture. Below, the Adibuddha holds a vajra and bell. Arrayed around the thanka are representations of the eight great chortens that commemorate significant acts of the Blessed One, traditionally associated with Lumbini, Bodh Gaya, Sravasti, Rajagriha, Samkasya, Vaishali, and Kushinagara.

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