Padmasambhava and the 25 Disciples - Giclee

Padmasambhava & 25 Disciples

Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum

"The lotus born guru Padmasambhava is surrounded by his twenty-five disciples in this thanka. The lives of the twenty-five disciples privide us with rich examples of properly motivated activity -an aspiration for enlightenment unhampered by pretense. 

To enter the mandala of the dynamic presence of the Guru, each of the disciples made a ritual offering of his body, speech and mind, indicated by the casting of a flower into the center of the mandala. Symbolizing a sacrifice of the whole of one's being, such an offering represents a priceless gift to the Guru. Each of the twenty-five disciples perfected a particular aspect of Padmasambhava's teaching that stimulates specific meditative abilities. 

Each disciple, then, has come to be known by a specific gesture, as illustrated by the traditional line drawings in Crystal Mirror volume 4. The biographies that accompany them privide points of entry into the drawings: each pictorial metoaphor draws attention to the integral wholeness of the mind and its external manifestations -qualities that are neither easily expressed nor experienced." -back description 


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