Kum Nye Talks - Volume 7: "Kum" and "Nye" in Kum Nye Dancing

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In his latest Kum Nye publication, Kum Nye Dancing, Tarthang Tulku describes three different meanings of the words “Kum Nye”.

  1. Kum Nye Dancing, Page 3 - 23 minutes
  2. Kum Nye Dancing, Page 19 - 45 minutes
  3. Kum Nye Dancing, Page 37-38 - 34 minutes

Total: 102 minutes


 –        “Kum Nye is often translated as “body massage”. But Kum (sKu) means more than the physical body; it means substance, matter, manifestation. Nye (mNye) can mean “massage” but it also means wise usage, the action of tending and tuning. Nye (mNye) brings out the best in Kum (sKu), allowing it to develop into beauty.

–        Kum (sKu) is body, a nexus of sensitivity; Nye (mNye) is a method of exercise that brings results- through Nye, the body experience is transmuted. The result of Nye is a floating quality sometimes called bliss- but this experience in truth has no name. It cannot be defined by the framework or structure of language

–        This is Kum Nye as friendship: Kum (sKu) means body or substance, and Nye (mNye) means a process that encourages a friendly co-existence. Yogic practice helps us join the ongoing conversation in a new way; we can see it as the art of making friendship with all experience.


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