Reflections of Faith and Notebook Holiday Package

In this candid, wide-ranging book, Reflections of Faith, Arnaud Maitland delves into what it has meant to him to follow his teacher, Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, exploring the experiences that deepened his self-knowledge and led him to commit himself to preserve the wisdom of Rinpoche's tradition and help it take root in the Western world.


In letting go of our belief that suffering is a necessary part of human life we can take a few steps forward.  - page 211

We can make our sense, our thoughts, our feelings, and our minds into new friends letting them find new ways to communicate and transform. That is the new journey we can undertake -the journey of self-mastery.  - page 90

Included in this holiday package are the book and 1 notebook (for you to start writing your own journey).

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