Footprints of The Buddha - Notebook

Spiral Bound Notebook

75 blank pages
Printed on acid free, environmental friendly paper.

Medium – 6 × 8 1/2"

The front cover: detail from the thanka Footprints of Buddha

The back cover contains the following text:

The footprints of the Buddha (Buddhapada) are one of the early representations of the Buddha. According to Buddhist scriptures, after the Buddha attained enlightenment, his feet left an imprint in the stone wherever he stepped. The footprints of the Buddha are viewed as reminders of the Buddha's presence and the ever-present potential for enlightenment. Wherever they are displayed becomes a sacred space favoring prayer and meditation. The Buddha's footprints are usually depicted with a dharmachakra (eight-spoked wheel) in the center, one of the distinguishing marks of a great being.

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