Activating the Mandala of Your Life - Rio de Janeiro

Knowledge of the mandala has its origins in the Buddha’s enlightenment. When the obscurations to realization dropped away, the Buddha saw how all forms emerge from the emptiness of space in a process of continual becoming. From this realization came the teaching that everything the human mind names and establishes as fixed is subject to change; that anything can be shaped into forms that direct the mind toward enlightenment. This realized truth, encoded in the structure of the mandala, has been transmitted through the Nyingma tradition form the eighth century to the present day.

This 3 day seminar, part of a series of five full length mandala retreats, presents the teachings on the mandala, one of the main structures of Tibetan Buddhism for releasing your potential delivered by senior student of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, Arnaud Maitland. Includes live Portuguese translation.

  1. Mandala Reflecting the Structure of the Seed
  2. The Indestructible Seed and the Qualities of each Quadrant
  3. Continuation of Qualities
  4. Practice: Stillness of the Body and Space – Entering Realities We Never Knew
  5. The Voice of Knowledge
  6. Awakening the Four Directions
  7. The Mandala and Questioning Mind
  8. The Center of the Mandala: Your Deepest Wish
  9. Wish Unfolding to Completion
  10. The Seed and the Mandala of Time
  11. Setting Targets, Unifying the Mandala, Practice: One space
  12. Manifesting What is Already There – The Voice of Knowledge
  13. Equal yet Unique – Practice: The Void
  14. Applying the Mandala in Daily Life

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