Book Production "Reflections of Faith"

This month Dharma Publishing will print Arnaud Maitland’s new book entitled:

Reflections of Faith – Fulfilling the Heart’s Desire

A Spiritual Journey in modern society, intimated by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s teachings

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche suggested to Arnaud to write a book about how he met Rinpoche, why he stayed, and what the benefits were so far.  So, he did, and now it is ready for printing.

The income from the sale of Dharma Publishing books and sacred art supports all reprints of our books, and the funds generated through the Dharma Publishing Academy, in the form of webinars, seminars, and retreats, purchases the paper for the Tibetan text preservation project.  Any extra-curricular projects, such as the creation of sacred stupas, and statues, or the publication of this book, we rely on fundraising.

Are you willing and able to help with a donation to make this new book a reality?

The cost of the first printing of some 2000 copies will be almost $8000.  This cost is without any charge for labor as our community will do the printing and binding of this 300-page book.

Please contribute to this project. And thank you very much for helping to make this publication possible!

These are the costs are as follows:

Paper                                      $ 2775

Plates                                          640

Ink                                               100

Glue                                            160

Cover coating                           350

Freight                                       200

Electricity                                 500

Graphic design                      3400

                      Total cost     $  8,125

The donation choices are $54, $108, $250, or $1080

If you wish, you can choose to contribute to a specific cost, such as paper, plates, graphic design, etc.

Your participation is greatly appreciated.

As part of our “THANK YOU” upon completion we will send you a complimentary book, and an audiobook, when available.

All of us at Dharma Publishing greatly appreciate your help!

Type: Donation

Vendor: Dharma Publishing

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