Releasing Blockages & Residues of the Past

It is never too late to heal the past. Within our own bodies, we can find the knowledge we need to clear what holds us back and finally lead a life increasingly filled with joy and meaning. We can discover a self-sustaining overall feeling of wholeness that becomes an enlivening background tone to all we do, say, and think. By bringing awareness to the body, the alchemy of Kum Nye frees the mind from words and images that seem to evoke painful memories, from internal dialogues that continually repeat excuses and justifications, and from the paralyzing emotional impact of past associations.

These Kum Nye practices help dissolve long held tensions, open body and mind to new vitality and allow new responses to familiar situations. All sessions are led by Dharma Publishing Director, Arnaud Maitland. Theory and practices are from the book Joy of Being By Tarthang Tulku.

Over 11 hours of theory and practices!

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