108 Recipes Cookbook

This gourmet vegetarian cookbook offers 108 delicious and innovative recipes prepared for the participants in retreats and seminars at the Nyingma Institute, where meals are offered to support deep relaxation and enjoyment.

Magic and beauty can be found in the simplest things. All we need to do is to wake up to this possibility. (Have you ever seen a cauliflower? I mean, have you really seen it?) While you cook, stop for a moment to admire the shape and color of a red bell pepper, the smell of fresh basil, the texture of barley grains. When you look carefully, the shades and reflexes of pinto beans glimmering in the water can seem like semi-precious stones. Such moments of sensitive enjoyment will inspire you and make you capable of nourishing both the bodies and the spirits of those who will eat your food.

ISBN 978-0-9639130-0-5

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