Teacher Boxed Set

Teacher Boxed Set – 11 books plus a teachers guide

The Jataka Tales encourage respect and appreciation for Asian culture and are also easy to discuss in terms of children’s everyday experience at home and in the classroom. They foster the growth of self-esteem and caring for others, qualities more essential than ever in our complex, rapidly changing, world.

Jatakas Tales:

  • Courageous Captain
  • The Fish King’s Power of Truth
  • Great Gift and the Wish-Fulfilling Gem
  • Heart of Gold
  • The Hunter and the Quail
  • The Magic of Patience
  • The Parrot and the Fig Tree
  • The Power of a Promise
  • A Precious Life
  • The Rabbit Who Overcame Fear
  • The Jewel of Friendship

Teacher’s Resource Guide:

The Teacher’s Resource Guide use authentic literature to teach language skills and feature a whole language approach. They present activities that encourage critical thinking and spark students’ creativity and resourcefulness.

The guides contain:

  • A general introduction to the Jataka Tales
  • Cultural background for your multi-cultural programs
  • Exploration of key values
  • Activities for language development
  • Activities for oral and written experience
  • Dramatic exercises
  • Imagination exercises that explore children’s experience
  • Extended activities to develop map skills

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