Mandala of Green Tara - Poster

Seated on a lotus, at the center of the mandala, Green Tara is ever ready to respond to the suffering of beings afflicted with emotional obscurations. Each of the mandala’s four gates are ornamented with eight-spoked Dharma wheel attended by two deer symbol of the Three Jewels: the Budda, the Dharma and the Sangha.

Size: 18.8 × 30.5″

The art of thanka painting plays a major role in the Tibetan tradition of visionary revelation. Sacred images transcend language and the rational mind, bearing knowledge and manifesting wisdom and compassion. Thankas (paintings of deities and symbols, meant for meditation and awakening mind, senses and heart) do not simply hold the mirror up to nature, but reveal through imagery, color, proportion and symbolic detail, the nature and landscape of the human mind. The figures of deities and their postures, gestures, colors, ornaments and spatial relationships communicate a depth of experience and subtlety of understanding that represents human nature in its ultimate manifestation.

The thanka reproductions for meditation, visualization and healing are printed on high quality acid-free paper. Most images are printed into a frame – either red, gold or brocade.

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