White Tara - Sacred Art Card

White Tara

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

"From the elemental cosmic landscape of earth, air, water, and space, White Tara, Mother of Compassion, manifests on a pink and white lotus throne. Her right hand is extended in the gift-bestowing gesture, and her left hand holds a fully-opened lotus. 

Eyes in her hands, feet and forehead extend White Tara's ability to perceive and respond to the suffering of sentient beings.Surrounding White Tara are five manifestations of Manjushri, three across the top of the thanka and two below her lotus throne.

Above, to her right, is Amitayas, the Buddha of the Infinite Light, and to her left is the six-armed, three-faced protectress Ushnishavija from the triad traditionally known as the Longevity Trinity. 

Their blessings prolong the time available for working on behalf of sentient beings. " -back description


  • 5" × 7″

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