The Buddha's Enlightenment - Sacred Art Card

The Enlightenment

Tad Yatha Om Muni Muni Maha Muni

Shakyamuni Ye Soha

"The radiant golden Buddha demonstrates how to pass through fear and temptation and overcome the final obstacles to enlightenment. 

Manifesting as demons, Mara's forces make terrifying roars and hurl the most fearsome of weapons at the Buddha, but their missiles lose their force as they approach his peaceful, luminous form and transform into a rain of flowers.

Below, Mara's beautiful daughters, conjured up to disrupt the Bodhisattva's meditation, become hideous and deformed as the Bodhisattva's gaze penetrates illusion and reveals their true nature. 

Above is the Buddha surrounded by celestial beings. Below is Maitreya, the next Buddha in the unending continuum of enlightenment, who will ensure that the blessings of the Dharma continue to brighten the lives of future generations." -back description


  • 5" × 7″

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