Medicine Buddha - Altar Card

Medicine Buddha

Tad Yatha Bekaja Bekaja Maha Bekaja 

Raja Samudgate Ye Svaha

"Bhaishajyaguru, the Healing Buddha, holds a twig of myrobalan, a miraculous, health-giving plant.

His deep blue color is symbolic of the innate wisdom our bodies have for transforming illness and disharmony into glowing good health. He is surrounded by creatures that symbolize qualities important to spiritual practice. 

Elephants represent strength and security, and lions manifest power and courage. 

Chu-srin, mythical crocodiles, strongly repel negative forces; the serpentine shape-shifting nagas bring good fortune, while the garuda on top protects beings and promotes good will." -back description

May all beings enjoy good mental and physical health and be at peace.

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