Now available! New Kum Nye Talks and a New Kum Nye Dancing Series

Posted on August 17, 2012 by Shipper DP | 1 Comment

Our latest offering, in the world of Kum Nye, brings you audio instruction for the new Kum Nye Dancing series Revealing the Body’s Hidden Beauty. Designed to remove the layers obscuring your true being, this series will get you in touch with your inner riches. Learn the first four gestures of this series in detail by downloading Part 1 of Revealing the Body’s Hidden Beauty. Stay tuned for instructional videos coming soon!

We have also posted New Kum Nye Talks from our discussions with Arnaud Maitland at Ratna Ling. From breaking out of the box into a world of open senses to working with dullness, cultivating flexibility to bring our practice to greater depths and touching the continuity of time, these talks are fresh and direct giving you a taste of the possibilities of Kum Nye. 

For only $1.99 these downloads not only support your practice, but your contribution also helps to preserve the sacred knowledge tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

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Benjamin Aquiina
Benjamin Aquiina

November 30, 2012

Thank you. There are so may good and helpful practices, the verbal counting/timing was very helpful.

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