New Release! Four New Mantra CDs!

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Dharma Publishing presents four new CDs arranged in a western style. Designed for people of all backgrounds and intended to evoke the depths of the mind, these mantras and prayers have the power to open and unfold human potential.

In Tibet, music is not only a form of art but also a means to enlightenment. Through the ages, Tibetans have perfected the knowledge of how sound affects the mind. Chanting or listening to mantra restores the balance between body and mind as the rhythms and dynamic of mantra’s sounds lead awareness past conceptual images and words, disengaging patterns that give suffering form.

Uniting energy with knowledge, mantra is support for healing and transcendence. Through its workings, emotionality and conceptual structures give way to the joyful clarity that comes with meditative states of mind.

Dharma Publishing introduces the Medicine Buddha practice on Mantras from Ratna Ling Volume 4. This particular mantra is a powerful method to clear obscurations, promote healing and purify the mind. When practiced for the benefit of all beings, reciting these lines can bring infinite blessings and realizations.

Mantras from Ratna Ling Volume 5 presents the Pranidanaraja or Samantabhadra’s Prayer for Enlightened Practice in an upbeat, catchy fashion. Chanted at the world peace ceremony sponsored by Tarthang Tulku, Dharma Publishing’s fifth mantra CD offers the “chief of aspiration prayers” in both English and Tibetan.

When Buddhism was established in Tibet, tunes of local folk songs were adopted for traditional mantras. In the same spirit Dharma Publishing brings you Prayers to Padmasambhava, our 6th Mantras from Ratna Ling CD. Taking traditional melodies and presenting them in a western style, these are tunes that will stay with you like your favorite song. You can even dance to them! Prayers to Padmasambhava, taken from the text, Padmasambhava Comes to Tibet, will be sure to inspire you, move you, engage your heart and mind, and with just one listen you’ll be hooked.

Our fourth CD invites you to listen to Excerpts from Songs of Shabkar, the Path of a Tibetan Yogi Inspired by Nature. These deeply personal songs of realization by Nyingmapa yogi Shabkar Tshogdruk Rangdrol (1781 – 1851) composed in a simple yet rich poetic style, charm by their beauty and directness, often expressing the delights of nature. The selection is drawn from the vast and mostly untranslated collection The Festival of Melodious Songs.  Experts in Tibetology, lovers of poetry, and spiritual seekers from any tradition will be uplifted by Shabkar’s rigorous honesty on the path toward self-understanding.

“Dharma Publishing is pleased to have this opportunity to publish a collection of Shabkar’s songs. These songs were his special way of teaching, reflecting his profound understanding and his way of life. Sincere practitioners should read with great care and awareness to contact the depth of meaning conveyed in each song. Listen to the words and let them resonate within you, until they point directly to your life and your mind. In this way, you can explore the Dharma from the inside, glimpsing the way of life of a true practitioner. This is Shabkar’s precious gift to us today.”  – Tarthang Tulku

The mantras introduced in the west until now are few in number, but far reaching in their power and application, available for any purpose and pressing need. Properly invoked, mantras can bring joy and prosperity, relieve stress, assure longevity, and promote harmony between humanity and the cosmos.

Dharma Publishing is honored to be able to preserve the long-standing Tibetan Buddhist tradition of reciting mantra as a way to connect to inner potential. 

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