New Program: Kum Nye Dancing "Opening the Nucleus of Self"

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Learning Kum Nye Dancing: Opening the Nucleus of Self

In our Kum Nye Talks section you will now find a series on how to begin learning Kum Nye dancing. We invite you to join our group at Ratna Ling in exploring the book Kum Nye Dancing in a somewhat systematic way. The recordings that you can download are informal and unscripted and will hopefully give you not only a taste but also a clear structure of how to enter Kum Nye dancing. We recommend that you first download the 2 FREE Introductions, followed by a talk on “Introducing Mind to the Treasures the Body Offers.” After listening to these presentations you can begin the actual series, “Opening the Nucleus of Self” starting with Part 1. After a good amount of practice we suggest you move on to Part 2 and so on. The entire series will take about 8 weeks. We welcome your feedback, comments, questions, and concerns. We are looking forward to hearing from you so that we can learn together how to embody the teachings of Kum Nye Dancing.

The new Kum Nye book by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche Kum Nye Dancing has already been introduced during two retreats at Ratna Ling, as well as in Argentina, England and this coming August in Holland during a 12 day retreat – August 1-12, 2012. These gatherings may have given participants a taste of Kum Nye dancing but the time was short. We will need more in depth training. 

The eKum Nye team at Dharma Publishing, under the direction of Arnaud Maitland, may have found a way to begin learning Kum Nye dancing by sharing a program that we are presently doing with some residents at Ratna Ling, over an extended period of time. Rinpoche has authorized Arnaud to decide on themes and stories for the gestures and has given many instructions on how to reveal some of the layers that each gesture contains. 

Currently with the Ratna Ling group we are practicing a series called Opening the Nucleus of Self. This particular theme, one of many, is based on fourteen gestures that we are learning step by step. First we learn physically, mechanically how to do the poses and movements. Once the body knows how to do it, once the body is aware, we add rhythm. These steps are followed by the theme that each gesture manifests in the larger story of Opening the Nucleus of Self. Next we add movement, poses, stillness, breathing, seeing and hearing instructions.

Rinpoche has specifically asked us not to put anything in writing as the transmission is contained in the energy of the voice. To get into Kum Nye dancing, we suggest you start by reading the text in the book first. Take some time for each paragraph. Do not rush to the end. Then begin to do some postures on your own.

In this particular program, you will be introduced to a Kum Nye dancing series starting with four gestures at a time. In each Part we will add three or four more gestures at a time until we have done all fourteen. After we know the gestures by heart we will return to the beginning and in subsequent Parts we will add new layers of meaning and knowledge. Please do not hurry, and do not download all the Parts at once; take some solid time to really know what is being presented in each particular Part. 

Each Part has a nominal fee and we kindly ask you to not burn CDs or share it with others. Even if one hundred people would sign up for this program, it is still a relatively small total amount for all the teachings you will be receiving and all the work we do to make this possible.

When you are ready…please join us in learning Kum Nye dancing.


Om Ah Hum


eKum Nye team at Dharma Publishing

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