New Release! Lotus Mandala: Sacred Garden

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“In learning to communicate with nature, we could embark on a grand love affair with the world and discover ways to live more peacefully and cooperatively with one another." ~ Tarthang Tulku, Lotus Mandala


In the book Lotus Mandala; Sacred Garden Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku presents a vision of gardening and the love of nature as a path to greater understanding— a journey available to anyone with an open heart.

Inspired by the gardens of the Odiyan Retreat Center, Lotus Mandala takes readers on a journey through the changing seasons. Combined with over 500 lush color photos of Odiyan’s gardens, this collection of essays offers insight on themes such as connecting to the present moment, learning from direct experience with nature, and creating harmonious relationships.

Founded in Northern California in 1975, Odiyan Retreat Center has become a vibrant mandala of Buddhist art and architecture, surrounded by magnificent trees and fertile gardens. Rich in shapes, colors, and forms, Odiyan's gardens are integral expressions of a profound spiritual message: every leaf, every blossom, is a manifestation of sacred principles that can uplift the heart with joy and unfold ever deeper dimensions of meaning.

Filled with texture and wisdom, Lotus Mandala evokes the heart of the gardener, the naturalist, and the spiritual seeker and connects them to the beauty of the inner and outer worlds.

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