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We are pleased to announce
Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s new book on Kum Nye
Kum Nye Dancing:
Introducing the mind to the treasures the body offers
Seventy-five new Kum Nye postures and dance movements

A valuable resource for Kum Nye enthusiasts, yoga practitioners, and students of meditation alike, Kum Nye Dancing presents seventy-five new Kum Nye postures and movements, woven into series of dances. Dynamic and dramatic, these emphasize the transformative power of yoga, helping us make real and meaningful changes in our energy levels, our patience and tolerance, and our physical and mental flexibility.


Kum Nye is the art of making friends with all expressions of experience; as we learn through its practices to work gently and precisely with the body, awareness merges with experience, illuminating hidden resources of energy latent within body and mind. As deep tensions dissolve, body and mind communicate clearly, and we gain access to untapped dimensions of knowledge inherent in fuller dimensions of experience. By helping you contact this knowledge, Kum Nye postures bring your talents to fruition and support the unfolding of a positive and joyful way of life.


Unlike the first Kum Nye books where the postures are intended to be done slowly and introspectively, the practices in this book point outwards. Designed to energize the body and wake up consciousness, the postures give form to the openness and aliveness associated with awakened mind. Exercising the body in this way, we express the expansive abundance of life. We open our minds to the beauty available to us in every moment of experience and begin to contact surprising alternatives to ordinary ways of being.

The postures in Kum Nye Dancing are based on recollections from Tarthang Tulku's temple practices, used to prepare for the ritual movement known as lama dancing. The basic forms were developed in 2008 to help students remain relaxed and flexible for long periods of challenging physical work outside. In mid-2009 they were refined for volunteers who were taking on a massive book production project and proved effective in drawing on deeper reserves of energy and enthusiasm.

For retreats and seminars featuring Kum Nye Dance, visit our Calendar.

Coming in Summer of 2012: Kum Nye Dancing Instructional DVDs!

Tarthang Tulku, a well-known Tibetan lama, is one of the few teachers still living to have completed a formal traditional training in Tibetbefore 1959. Since 1969, Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche has lived and worked in California, where he established various publishing and educational organizations and authored over thirty books, including two earlier volumes on Kum Nye (Kum Nye: A Tibetan YogaThe Joy of Being).


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