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What’s new from Dharma Publishing?

“We are excited to offer readers a brand new collection of spiritual poetry in Songs of Shabkar. Combined with lush, color photographs of the Tibetan landscape taken by the translator Victoria Sujata, the poetry in Songs of Shabkar offers a reading experience like none other.

The recent revision of Holy Places of the Buddha offers readers a chance to visit the holy places of Buddhist pilgrimage in vivid detail through all-new full color photos and expertly researched descriptions that are informative and engaging.

Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, a true classic in Buddhist studies, will now be offered in two volumes. Volume 1 is now available and is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in the life of the Buddha, the early history of Buddhism in India, and the transmission of Buddhism throughout Asia and Tibet.

We hope new readers will find something in these books to connect with whether a new or challenging idea, a photo, story or description that touches them, or simply the joy of learning and expanding their knowledge.

As always the proceeds from donations and the purchase of our book go to support the Yeshe De Text Preservation Project, which prints sacred texts distributed for free at the annual World Peace Ceremony on Bodh Gaya, India.” Says Rima Tamar of the Dharma Publishing Bookstore.


Get a jump start on your holiday shopping with three of Dharma Publishing's newest titles and save 20%!

Songs of Shabkar: The Path of a Tibetan Yogi Inspired by Nature 
This book presents poems of Shabkar Tshogdruk Rangdrol (1781-1851). This great yogi and practitioner of both Nyingma and Sarma teachings was a master poet and skilled writer; he sang beautiful songs and authored many texts. Throughout Tibet he was renowned as an example of the finest meditator.

The songs were Shabkar’s particular way of teaching, reflecting his profound understanding and his way of life. The depth of meaning conveyed in each song is still accessible today: if we listen to the words and let them resonate within us, they will point directly to our own life and our own mind. His work allows us to explore the Dharma from the inside, glimpsing the way of life of a true practitioner. This is Shabkar’s precious gift to us today.

Dharma Publishing is pleased to have this opportunity to publish a collection of Shabkar’s songs. The poems are composed in a simple yet richly poetic style, with beauty and directness, often expressing delight in nature. Experts in Tibetology, lovers of poetry and spiritual seekers from any tradition will be uplifted by Shabkar’s rigorous honesty on the path toward self-understanding.


Holy Places of the Buddha: This installment of the Dharma Publishing’s Crystal Mirror series is a guide to the eight central places of Buddhist pilgrimage in India, based on rare traditional sources and unique traveler’s journals. Read about modern archeological research on the remaining artistic styles and monuments, always cognizant of the spiritual vision and stories from the Buddha’s life and the history of the Sangha. This book shows the major centers of Buddhism in ancient India as seen through the eyes of pilgrims in past and present: it describes the rediscovery of this ancient heritage and what travelers can see today. It opens our eyes to how valuable and vital the sacred sites still are; meaningful to the modern world. This recent edition has been updated with new full color photographs. 
(Crystal Mirror Series, Volume IX)



Buddha, Dharma, Sangha; Roots of Transmission. a revision of a reference book which, since its first publication in 1984, has become a classic. Beginning with a traditional account of the Buddha’s life, discussions of the texts of the Dharma transmission, an introduction to the earliest Sanghas, the Great Siddhas, and the history of Dharma transmission in Asia and Tibet. 
(Crystal Mirror Series, Volume VI)

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